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As was the case with another poster on this site, I am chagrined that it was Oprah that brought Tolle to my attention. I don't remember how I learned of her discussions with Tolle as I rarely watch her show, but participating in the online discussions was life-changing for me. I am familiar with many faith traditions and have read enough of "new age" thinkers to dismiss their writings as useless to me. Tolle was different. My initial impression was that he was an odd man with an odd laugh. But I was quickly drawn in. I think it is the simplicity of his explanations and the wonderful examples he gives from his own life and the lives of those he has counselled. His lack of ego makes him a remarkable teacher. I have learned tools I now use every day to put aside thoughts that are destructive and to value the present. Listening to him again this week in the Speaking of Faith interview was a wonderful refresher course. He truly has changed my life. There are few people I can say that about.