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When I'm walking down the hall to my office in the morning, I try to prepare for the beginning of the workday by "zooming out" to a spiritual perspective. I know that in a few minutes I'll be writing emails, answering the phone, taking directives from my boss, and all the other stuff that seems to fill every second of time while I'm at work. Unless I find a balance, an ease, a peace with myself and the day before I walk in that door, I'll never get it later.

One concept or technique I've used to slip into that "zen" mindset is to imagine I'm moving through water. Water forces your movements to be slow and fluid. As I walk down that long hall and think of moving through water, I feel my gait change, and I feel an easing in my chest, like I've just been told I can have the day off. Also, focusing on this analogy takes my mind off of whatever I was (inevitably) stewing over or stuck on. By the time I get to the door to our suite, I'm ready to receive whatever the morning has in store for me with an equanimity I wouldn't have otherwise had.

I try to take a walk around my lunch break as well, even if only a short one, so I can practice this and other balancing techniques and reset my perspective for the afternoon.

Park Ellis