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I was having problems 9 years ago. I was guided to a spiritual teacher in Princeton, NJ Teresa Badher. Teresa used Eckhart Tolle book " The Power of Now" as one resource in help me to not live in the past. Not dwell on old wounds or issues. Not to have hidden shame of things "I" thought were bad. It is only the "now" that is important. The past is just that "past".
I still work with Teresa Badher when I start drifting out of "spirit".
When I started with Teresa I had to be very carful when I talked to my friends about my discussions with Teresa as they thought I had "gone over the edge". Now the world has shifted. Mostly in the US. People are accepting and wanting more information.
The more you (the United States) accepts the more the awareness is going to awaken in the people.
I put his teaching into practice by listening to people and asking them questions. If stranger is talking to me about something that happened them, I ask them question for them to think about. Not giving advice, just asking question make people think about an answer.
Example If someone is mad at someone else, ask them to tell you what they would say if that person what right in front of them NOW. Expressing their anger about them to you sometimes helps by getting it out in the open so it can be released.
Things like that are important to all. It is better for everyone to take on a "Little" anger then to have it dwell inside of a person. That is when the anger can build and then explode.