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Eckhart's teachings have brought an end to forty years of seeking for spiritual truth. With his guidance, I have found the truth right here in my own being.

My Christian upbringing taught me that there was a God who lived outside of me and judged me constantly. I tried to be good, and became a people pleaser, but I SO longed for a real connection. It wasn't until I read "The Power of Now" that I finally was able to drop all concepts of an external god, immediately recognizing the truth in what Eckhart was saying.

While reading his book, I was experiencing intense suffering in a dark and difficult relationship. Even though I knew of my inner divinity, my strong egoic conditioning fought hard against that realization, until I finally surrendered to Life. I learned to love in a completely new way. Although the relationship eventually dissolved, I realized that I had lost nothing, because nothing could destroy the love that is inside of me. This painful situation, along with Eckhart's teachings, awakened me to "ananda" - divine bliss.

I now know that Life, as it unfolds each minute, is perfect. I practice coming back to the present moment thousands of times each day. In the sanctuary of this presence, in my own being, I find release from all fear, release from the need to control life, and support that helps me not to react even when my conditioned mind says I have every reason to react.

My practice is minute by minute, waking up out of my thoughts again and again, whenever I remember, and letting go of judging how well I do that. Sometimes I have to let go of not being able to let go. The trick, Eckhart has taught me, is to allow whatever is happening to be as it is. My own reactions and self-judgment are sometimes a part of what is. I let it go now, not exactly by DECIDING to let it go,, but by simply dropping all of my thoughts and coming into presence. I do this by remembering my body, going down into my heart, my belly and my feet. I then know that I AM consciousness. I am that which is looking out from my eyes. It is both exhilarating and peaceful. And it is available to me every single minute. This is the practice. There is nothing to believe in: no rules, no authority, no ideas and no punishment. There is simply BEING; and the freedom to play with form - to cry and to smile.

Eckhart gave me permission to do this. When I finally gave MYSELF permission to just BE, I found the meaning of Life. I am so grateful.

~Susun Terese