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At an Omega Institute conference in NYC perhaps 9 or10 years ago, I chose to attend Eckhardt Tolle's workshop on his philosophy and book, The Power of Now. His ideas touched me then, but I was not yet ready to pursue his teachings.

Apparently, this past year my own journey has brought me to readiness. The New Earth has been transformative, is a continuing part of my journey as I struggle each day to be aware, conscious, and recall that "I am not my story". It has been difficult to quiet the voices in my head, but my I am able to notice visceral feelings that tell me to stop and take time to be witness to my ego. I can visualize putting my ego on my shoulder. I breathe deeply and summon the courage to wait and watch. Everything seems okay, if even for a second. Actually my experience of time, (perhaps timelessness) is different, as well.

To be conscious of my feelings, (ego, pain-body) and and know that all is truly fine NOW, has changed my understanding of myself in relation to all the significant others in my life.
I am able to (more often) to feel and think at the same time. I am grateful for that gift.

I attend an ongoing discussion group and read and reread chapters of the book and occasionally watch the podcasts. I have listened to Eckhart's retreat tapes on The Art of Prescence. There is always a new awareness that deepens my spiritual growth.

Words do not is only more of a 'story".