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My story: A long time ago I took a course in Jewish mysticism, Kabala, at the Tremont Street synagogue in Cambridge. One day when I exited with my friend Sarah, we saw in the moonlight, in the street, the Hebrew letters made of rain water and it was such an intense, mystical, shared experience that we never returned to this class, feeling we could not handle this. This was awesome but also created great fear in both of us.

Since then Sarah has died of breast cancer but what is coming to me, namely the deconstruction of language, of letters, is showing me that there is a vast story created through words themselves and my life is a dance of astounding visible synchronicity. I know I am not alone in this experience as the astonishment of this is palpable wherever I go and others are telling me their stories as we do connect around the world.

Many books have been written about synchronicity and books have been written about the power of the letters, the Hebrew letters and about Babel. It is said in Jewish mysticism and in Sufism that the power of the letters themselves, in that contemplation, that an entire universe arises and that they contain the entire creation.

I have proof on paper that there is nothing, cannot be anything, random aobut what I am experiencing and putting down on paper, day after day. I do see that the well we draw from, that well that is spiritual, comes from the same source and that certainly, as Tolle writes, there is such synthesis, such One ness. It is not a new notion as there are so many books, so many poets, who have gone to this place. There is a one ness to all of this and I am saying God wrote a story and that we are all of us in this together, more connected to each other than we ever thought possible. There is already palpable proof, call it scientific, that this is true, and certainly by way of a life, namely mine as I am doing a weave across the universe and it is astoundingly beautiful.

We must act as if we have free will, namely the "man date" is to honor all creation, all beating hearts and we need to care for the environment NOW. I think the phrase I follow is more: I LOVE THEREFORE I AM. For whom does the bell "Tolle", it tolls for us all, and we must move towards awe, a deep feeling of sanctity. This is a short note (insert musical not here). I am saying it's about the music, always has been about the music. The Al Gore Rhythm (algorithm) is to "get with the program" and global warming is surely close to Global Warning.

No one is interviewing me nor do I seek interviews. The Diary is at the Hay Library, in parts, The Mel Yoken Collection of Letters, Brown University. This story is about LOVE.