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Of course everything I say is an attempt to put into words something that exists on many levels. I was totally blown away when I read "The New Earth" by virtually everything in it. I had danced around these ideas as they were presented by other spiritual teachers and disciplines. But Eckharts book really made it all understandable as a whole way of thinking rather than in bits and pieces. One of the most freeing aspects was the notion of the pain body. In my life I have always felt guilty about the pain I felt or more truly the pain I was always trying to supress. To understand that as humans we are the inheritors of pain to a greater or lesser degree depending on our circumstances was a revelation. I now see the pain I am more willingly experiencing as my fair share of the pain of humanity. Instead of feeling it as a judgement of me I see it as part of our inheritance as humans. Now I think "why not me". Just this one aspect has been transformational but along with experiencing the present moment, the idea that the ego feeds on the drama it creates,righteous suffering etc. has been transformational to my thinking, my being and my life.