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I have not read any of Eckhart Tolle's teachings, however, in reading your description of his work I am reminded of my favorite passage ever written. It was the opening paragraph to a movie review written by Richard Corliss of Time Magagazine about two monologue-based movies, the most well known being Lilly Tomlin's, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life. I was blown away by the realization that the bulk of our lives are spent in our heads and that, therefore, we have enormous control over how we choose to act on out thoughts. I immediately copied it and hung it on my refrigerator where it has hung for 17 years. I only wish Mr. Corliss knew how much that single paragraph has meant to me. I share it with you:

Monday, September 30, 1991
Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

"We all live monologues. These conversations with ourselves are the endless, anarchic commentary running in our brains. They contain -- just barely -- our rage and desperation. They are the rough drafts of spoken discourse, the side trips into daydream irrelevancies, the lusts and prejudices left unsaid but so deeply felt. Ultimately, our interior monologues amount to a lifelong novel in progress, or perhaps the world's windiest suicide note. Transcribed, they could tell more about what we are than everything we do."