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As a physical therapist of 32 years' I have a fairly unique window on how people suffer, both physically and emotionally. As part of my physical & therapeutic treatments I often have to coach people in how to deal with the stresses of life, often the primary cause of their issues.
Tolles' ideas have helped me to realize that only entity that is ever REAL is me this means that ALL the religions and cultures of the world have clouded our individual perception of "what IS" and this has resulted in individual pain, grief,conflict and wars and suffering throughout the world. So, I look at my role as taking one person at a time and just like that old story about throwing back one sand dollar at a time as they wash up on the shore, each of us must facilitate one another's journey back to the sea on one
I believe that we must move towards an understanding of the inter-connectedness of all....
Until we are all on this same page, mankind will forever be stuck in a self-centered pursuit when in fact we are all in this journey together. I am afraid that many religions are mis-directed towards individuals clearing their own pathway to salvation, ignoring the collective journey and projecting always an self-centered individual pursuit into a future that is not real.
As Kabbalah teaches we must peel away all of the layers through our individual actions of Tikkun Olam, "repair the world" to get to the light, and this is how we end suffering. BR