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There've been so many changes that i can't even think of them all at the moment. But what jumps out at me first, is this. I used to try to forgive people for what they say by trying to figure out their meaning behind it. I viewed them then as people in pain and not just mean spirited people and i feel now that i spent way too much time trying to figure things out. What i took away from E. Tolle's books was incredibly freeing for me. I no longer have to do that. I can just know automatically that there exists a painbody in most people and i dont have to react to it or even try to figure it out. I'm more relaxed now. His book, The New Earth, was the best book i've ever read in my life - and i knew it when it read it - but felt even stronger about it after i listened (and re-listened) to the podcasts of the interviews w/oprah (Oh THANK GOD for Oprah- i mean it!) I shared her enthusiasm for E. Tolle and his teachings. He was amazing with his explanations and i learned so much.