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I get panic attacks at times; i'm 61 years old, and they began when I was 27. I developed the fear of having a panic attack in public, where i would feel excruciatingly terrified, out of control, panicked, and ashamed.....

When i read Eckhart Tolle's short book about Practicing The Power of Now about 7 years ago, I learned yet another wonderful tool to help me deal with my anxiety/panic.

Thanks to him, I will now ask myself, when I catch myself beginning to scare myself with "what if...." conversations (what if i have a panic attack while driving in the middle lane?), "Am i ok NOW?" And the answer is always, Yes. Or I'll ask myself: "Is there a problem NOW?" and the answer is No.

Once about a year ago i was in Arizona where the night temperature was stifeling (sp?) hot....I needed to walk about 3 blocks to a store and had no water with me. I began to panic with my thoughts as my body felt the oppressive heat. My breathing changed, I felt the fear. And then i realized that I was thinking in the future, if only a minute into the future. So i took it one step at a time. "Am i ok right NOW? Yes." next step: same question. after doing this 5 or 6 times, i calmed myself down and next thing i knew, i saw the lights of the store i was going to....all i needed to do was experience my NOW, not my thoughts about an imaginary, scary future.

This was a huge gift.

And so is your radio show!