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B4 New Earth, deeply spiritual w/ background of Catholicism & foreground AA principals evolving into biblical Christian principals. Endless searching, paralyzed & driven by fear. Never felt right in my own skin. Walked the planet isolated & trapped. First experience seeing self left me completely unguarded & vulnerable. Came out of nowhere. Been listening to E.T. CDs for a yr (his talks) & read PON yrs ago (1st exp. of not being my thoughts, most powerful moment of my life up to that pt.). CDs were affecting how I experienced myself leading to the moment of pure BEING. (2004)New Earth found me. Read it 3 times & listened to it on CD at least 15. Still changing my entire life. Lost career 2 yrs ago with no resistance (used to be a fighter). Experienced joy in seeing ‘space being made in my life…’ Found myself having a house sale & selling almost all of my things. Happened naturally, effortless(observed myself doing it, very cool). Process of letting go of things was powerful & freeing. Could hold something in hand & know I couldn’t let go. Other items my body said ok. Powerful! Nothing in my life today I could not let go (some thoughts, maybe not). The way I experience myself in the world is more pure today. I honor & listen to the voice & notice unconsciousness regularly. Meet w/friends weekly 3 yrs now to discuss lives & experiences & challenge each other to grow in awareness. Shifting now out of about 7 months of sitting & doing nothing. Just found myself drawn to sitting, ‘immersed in the bliss of being’. did not plan or look for it, just happened. Could do nothing else. Beginning to share my experiences in classes & small talks. I am bursting for the opp to share, touches me so deep. Money is almost gone, including 401k & fear is disappearing. NE has been the most powerful source in my life in seeing me, the world, & the fabric of the ego to which I was completely attached & unaware. The depth of its impact can’t be felt in 2000 words.