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I read The Power of Now about 50 times over in 1999. At that time,
I so relieved to know gain a distinction on what Eckhart calls the
'pain-body'. Beyond this knowledge, however, little changed in
regard to my ablitiy to disidentify with the constant movement of
the mind.

I agree with wholeheartedly when Eckhart says that 'being' requires no more knowledge. This is true, but only from a subjective point of view. Please, let me explain. I do not know if you are familiar with the work of American spiritual philosopher, Ken Wilber. He would also agree with that 'being', from a subjectice viewpoint, requires no more knowledge. Wilber's work divides the life experience into
four quadrants. As you can see, the beingness we speak of is
located in the first aspect, and while it most certainly affects
the other four, it does not also deny the fact that maybe some
development (knowledge) might be nice to have in those other

Part 1 - Subjective: Thoughts, Emotions, Meditation, Introspection.
Part 2 - Inter-Subjective: Relationships, Belief Systems, and Culture.
Part 3 - Objective: Home, Health, Possessions, and the Sciences.
Part 4 - Inter-Objective: Finances, Politics, Social Structures.

I believe if we only focus in the subjective aspect of our beingness,
we will be unable to cocreate a new reality.


Mick Quinn