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Tolle's work is refreshing and gave me the inner and outer freedom I was looking for. I believe that I came into contact with his work because i was ready emotinally, mentally, spritually, and socially.

I communicate with others from a deeper level, and I am more authentic in my interactions. When I have anxiety or conflicting situations (which of course are man-made experiences - forms) I stay within my body (which Gesalt theoriest would say - the body never lies.) You see Tollie is right, the body is the "gateway to the present state." I also believe in the universal law (not sure if Tollie talks about this) thus, what I project out to the world is what I attract to myself. However, if I am present in all my interactions and experiences i will experience Maslows peak experiences; and I won't play games with others, as Eric Berne talks about, because I won't be trying to elivate myself in any way.

Lately, I told a co-worker that "I want to get closer to myself." she wasn't very supportive of my statement. You see Tollie's work is helping me get closer to me, I love being within my own skin. I don't feel the need to have noise or people or events to be content/comfortable within me. I really make decisions from a different place now. I am not as reactive - perhaps my age has something to do with this. I feel peaceful and I thank Tollie and many other scholars for this their work.

I live a very quiet personal lifestyle, at first some coworders and family made comments about me living in solitude (meaning I spend my days off work walking, reading, watching drama movies or documentaries etc...,) and basically I can go without talking to another human being or having any contact with another human being for several days. They stated, it's not normal/natural or "don't you feel lonely, I would feel lonely being all by myself." I have always been somewhat sensitive and reactive to these comments, but to be honest I love the isolation, although ironically I don't feel isolated within me. Reading Tollie's work inspired me to trust my "organic self" as Carl Rogers would have stated. Thankyou.