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15 Aug 08


Eckhart Tolle, along with Wayne Dwyer, (and it is to the point to note he insists on calling himself: "Dr. Wayne Dwyer"), are Westerners who have found, either on their own, or through the readings, the foundations of Buddism, Zen, and/or many other of 'Eastern' teachings, including those of the late, great Jiddu Krishnamurti.

They have taken these as their own and made them more understandable to thousands of people who might not otherwise have 'found' them, and that is a very good thing. However, as always happens when Westerners 'discover' Eastern ways, they make them into 'big-sellers'. The usual groupies or cultists follow.

These popularizations are so typically Western, so far removed from the essence of the Eastern message, that I find it all quite distastful. Westerners make these things the same 'businesses' all religions are, and have become, from the beginning of time; IE: religions, for better or worse, are the 'businesses' of the priests, (to the warnings of all the actual 'founders' of these 'religions' themselves.)

The writings, revelations, and suggestions of Tolle, like so many others are so very good to know about and to bend into our own daily life structures. BUT go to a gathering of any Zen, Tolle, Krishnamurti gathering, and I find the same-ole-same-ole hangers-on, groupies, and cultists, most of whom infrequently go beyond the leaders' words, or do any 'internalizations' themselves; in other words...the sheep (again )gather behind the pastor, look for 'redemption' on the cheap!

Oh boy...where to go? What to do? How to handle it all? For me ONLY Krishnamurti gives me useable suggestions, he is the 'source', the one man who strongly eshewed a 'following', and that was one hell of a start!

REspectfully and with kind human regards,

Washington, DC