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I first heard about Eckhart Tolle about 6 years ago. When I first read the Power of Now my whole being cried YES. Just as some background I was raised Catholic and have 2 degrees in Theology from Catholic Universities. However as I got older I became strongly disenchanted with organized religion and left my religion. Although for a very brief period I TRIED not to believe in God I could never fully embrace atheism. I knew in my gut there was something more and I definitely knew that organized religion was not going to get me that more that I was sensing. Reading his book made me feel like I had come home. I knew that for me he was right. Throughout my life I have struggled with depression, severe at times. When I read his book the depression would go away. So I would carry his book around with me and just pop open a page to calm myself if I was stressed or depressed. Eventually I read somewhere where he said that doing the work of Byron Katie would help me live the life he spoke of. I now also do "The Work." For me it is a powerful combination. From the outside my life could look very stressful. I have been laid off with no job prospective and I am so calm. I don't wake up in dread or panic. I actually am experiencing an amazing peace. I am so gratefully to have teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and also Jill Bolte Taylor. These people are helping me realize the awakening that I have always longed for.

PS. From my experience the term God does a grave disservice to the divine. I don't like to use that term, so I say that I don't believe in God but I am definitely no atheist.