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I am a psychologist who sees a variety of patients. On occasion I recommend Tolle's books. When my patients are "ready" it spurs incredible discussions & has helped them relax & realize what's important-- something unknowable with our normal "egoic minds", but sublime with our transcendent selves!

I also listened to The Power of Now on cd & at one point found myself overcome by a transcendent, overwhelming feeling of peace & love. I started sobbing joyfully in my car on the highway (in rush hour yet!). Unbelievable! Now when I get caught up in my pain body, I gently remind myself it's the product of my ego, not reality.

As a Christian, I feel Tolle's message is totally congruent with my beliefs-- I believe what Tolle has been saying is what Jesus really meant, a meaning that has been almost lost in most modern interpretations of Christianity. Living in the now connects us with absolute love.