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All my teachers have arrived in perfect order. After years of therapy, spiritual exploration and regular hourlong meditation, Mr. Tolle came a-knockin'. He articulates what has been for me experiential, non-verbal. I now have virtually no drama in my life which is nothing short of a miracle. Absence of drama has made my life MORE exciting, passionate, and fun. It's like overcoming an addiction: I could not imagine a life without alcohol. I'd be bored and boring! Now 6+ years sober, I cannot imagine a life WITH alcohol. Living according to Tolle and other teachers along the same vein has given me so much peace and joy, enthusiasm and humor.

Here's a wonderful example from last week: a senior manager aggressively and impolitely accused me messing up a small request. At the moment it happened I immediately went into the witness/awareness state without even thinking about it. I watched the situation outside myself. I heard the person's concerns; got that his over reaction had nothing to do with me; and responded with genuine compassion. Yes, I hadn't completed the task and I would do so within 15 minutes. The person's energy completely shifted, he apologized for jumping down my throat and expressed his relief I would take care of that and other issues. I have no doubt a potentially stressful altercation (for all concerned) never manifested because I would not allow it to escalate and become more than it actually was. I thank my years of practice, study and of course Eckhart Tolle.