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There are many areas of my life where I have put into action the philosophy that Eckhart is teaching.
The biggest/one area is to stay present in the moment. That in and of itself says it all.

My husband and I have agreed to stay present with our disagreements. We are no longer allowed to bring the past into our conversation, no more 'you always' or 'you never' or 'its always been like this or that' We stay present, and if something bothers us, we need to speak up NOW, and if not, then we have to let it go. It has made even the need to speak out seem less important. I have noticed we argue considerably less, not really at all anymore. We are incorporating this into dealing with our children,and although it is difficult at times, it is helpful and I feel less stressed.

That leads me to the next area, stress. I have a lot less stress. I am able to work through stressful moments by mentally noticing my stress and then letting it go. There was an interesting moment when I was listening to the Eckhart/Oprah class, and Eckhart said something to the effect of your mind not knowing the difference between what is happening now and what you are remembering. So, if you are always replaying bad memories or thoughts, you are continuing the stress process. This made alot of sense to me, and I became aware of the physical reaction each time it happened to me afterward. It is alot easier to 'let go' now, and if I feel myself going there with the stress, I just say to myself, 'oh, there is that feeling again' I acknowledge it, and release it.

Another way these teachings have impacted me is in my career. I am a nurse in a busy hospital, and deal with patients with all sorts of illnesses and diseases. I feel that I have more patience with my patients, and that I am able to work with them in a more calm, relaxing demeanor. I use staying present and positive with my patients in order to help them through difficult or painful times. I have noticed an improvement in my patient care, and in my patients attitudes.

One important way Eckharts teaching has really helped me is that it also took me out of the victim role. I have spent many years mourning my parents death, and feeling sorry that I lost them both by the time I was 21. I never understood 'why I had to live my life out with no parents' It always seemed a cruel way to be treated by the universe. Now I feel like my parents death has happened and its okay. I am still here living today. Today is a gift, the present. I spend alot less time thinking of the their death, and more on living today, now.

So, when asked how Eckharts teachings have impacted my life, I would have to say in every way possible. I feel a more positive change in my life. I have found myself sharing these thoughts/ideas with friends and loved ones when they are having their own troubles in life. They seem to get it, right away, and state feeling better by the end of our conversation. I recently sent A New Earth to my brother who is going through a divorce. He is on his second read, and highlighting areas in the book, he tells me that this book has changed his life. WOW! What else can I say. The message is loud and clear.