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It is hard to describe how deeply Eckhart Tolle's teachings speak to me. The first time I read The Power of Now in '97 the words leapt into my heart and at the same time left my mind far behind. I was not able or ready to make it into a practice. With the release of a New Earth I was excited to experience his new book and read it in '05. Still not understanding how to make it work in my life. But finally in '08, me (the student) was ready for the lesson to appear. It was not until my last love relationship went sour did I finally begin to understand how my "pain body" had sabotaged every love relationship I had ever experienced. The man in my life and I triggered each other's pain bodies with such intesity it was frightening. Many times I recall the "feeding" that it required and how it would take over my consciousness so much so that I would ask my "who is this person I become" during those episodes. After three years of agony and ecstasy, we stopped living together at the begining of this year and shortly there after Oprah's New Earth web cast was released. I downloaded the book on to my ipod and my friend did the same. It was truly amazing how we were apart yet closer and healing ourselves deeply. We could see clearly how destructive our egos had been in our relationship and how our past pain and well developed pain bodies had found it's perfect dysfunctional match in each other. A relationship filled with many highs and as many lows...As sad and as painful as our relationship became it had a strong spiritual connection on so many levels that we are still discovering them. Without him and without our intensity I would not have become so disgusted and get so low as to demand a new way to handle my mind.
And now living alone (and loving it) I able to see how my pain body now feeds on my thoughts, greedy parasite that it is! Every day it is a challenge to stay present. It takes vigilance and discipline. The ego is a cunning and a deadly mental contsruct. The peacefulness I feel when I am free of it, even if it is only fleeting, keeps me on track and working toward expanding the spaciousness until it fills me on a regular basis. I want to be a light in the world. I want to be the change, I wish to see. I listen to Eckhart Tolle teachings 4-5 days per week. Having downloaded as many of his teachings as I can find on my ipod. My friend has a great t-shirt "Peace is my religion". Consistant Enduring Peace inside of me is how Peace in "our" external world will be realized. Eckhart's teachings have given me useful tools so that now finally after years of searching I am headed down the peaceful path. No past and no future only The Now where all things are possible and the fullness of life is experienced. Yippee!