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This is somewhat humorous story regarding Tolle's teachings. A couple of months ago I decided to adopt a young feral cat that was hanging out in the yard. I drew her in with food and over time gained her trust. Things were going well and I was able to catch her one morning and take her to the vet for shots and to be spayed. When I brought her home, she stayed inside for a couple of days to recover, but it was clear that she wanted back out.

The problem was that I was (am) going to be leaving the country for four months and needed to take her to my brother's home to be cared for. The catch was, she would have to be an indoor cat during her stay there. I then decided to lure the cat--now named Zazz--back inside and keep her there. I was successful but Zazz was miserable--I had attempted to force something and it was not good. After several days of misery I decided to give it up and take Tolle's advice on just embracing uncertainty. I let Zazz back out and decided the worst case scenario would be that she would just stay on the property and my neighbor would set out food when he could. My job was to dump the fear, accept the moment and go with that.

The funny thing was--as soon as I let it go and left it up to Zazz, she started wanting to come in--and now--loves being in the house. She has her favorite chair and a host of cat toys. In short, she discovered she can have a pretty cushy cat life and I discovered I can actually practice acceptance. We're both a lot happier.