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A girlfriend suggested I read Eckart's book The Power of Now after I consistently complained to her about my boyfriend at the time. She listened very patiently, probably for months, as I went over and over all the things 'he' did to make me mad, frustrated, sad, crazy, etc., etc., etc. When I finally bought the book and started reading it, it was like a lightening bolt hit me. It made perfect sense and I totally changed my way of thinking. Up until then I was a bad Catholic who was always chronically guilty, even if I had done nothing 'wrong'! I read the entire book and while I was actively reading it, I was much more in control of my life situation and my thoughts. After I finished it and some time had passed, I found my old ways returning. I decided to read the book again. The second time I found all sorts of new things that I had not noticed and had not made an impact on me the first time. I initially read the book over four years ago. I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend but we did it with no drama and no bad feelings and we still talk once in a while. That would have never happened before I read the book. After all, if he hadn't pushed every button I had, I may never had discovered Eckart's book. It has been a slow process as I had built up my ego to huge proportions over the years and it continues to come back over and over. At this point, though, I catch myself continuously and stop the behavior that I know is fueled by the ego. My biggest challenge right now is to remember to always live in the 'now' and to embrace it... not wish for tomorrow or for something to be different. I just listened to the radio broadcast with Eckart on "Speaking of Faith". It again brought home lessons that I know but have either forgotten or pushed aside. I also am on the second read of A New Life and have watched 5 weeks of Eckart's webcast with Oprah. This is a continuous process for me and I'm so grateful that Eckart chose this calling as his life situtation work. People tell me quite often now how wise I am and how much I help them with their life situations. I think I just let myself 'be' and give them the space to 'be' and they gain something from that. I have challenges in my life and I know that if I had not found Eckart's books, I could easily be depressed and always feeling sorry for myself. Instead I am almost always very happy and believe in always living to the fullest extent possible. Everyone says they admire me for it. I just say, it's really the only way to be : ) I'm so blessed that I found Eckart's teachings and I will forever be grateful.