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I am 53 years old and my story reaches back to my early to mid 20's, where being raised with no religious roots, I had an inner quest for something ‘more’. From the age of 16 to 23 I was heavy into drugs and toward the end of that era I was mixing marijuana with transcendental meditation. Shortly thereafter I heard the 'good news' of God's love and accept that for the next 30 years. I met my wife at a nondenominational church and raised 3 children in that environment.
I could write pages detailing my journey to Mr. Eckhart’s 'The Power of Now' but I will just hit some highlights. I bought the book just over a year ago and I didn't start reading it until 3 months ago. I couldn't get past the first chapter earlier until my 'world' shook a little wilder. He is right; it’s suffering that propels us to wake up. I believe I am on the same path; I just merged onto a new highway.
At times now, I want to sell everything, divorce everyone and move to Thailand to spend all my time in quiet secluded meditation. (I thought that with the Christian faith though too.) I am convinced that whatever your spiritual practice is it has to work in the day to day moments of this ‘life’. So I am patient with my self as my practice take root and grows. Mr. Eckhart is truly a sage of our times. Thank you Sir.