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"The Power of Now" CHANGED my life 3 years ago. I too was suffering from severe depression rooted in the poor decsisions I made in my recent past, my current situation (I was without a job) and I thought my future was lost. A very good friend, who interviewed Eckhart, Glenn Plaskin, gave me a copy of the book. At first I thought it was a tough read, but then I got the reduced version, "Practicing the Power of Now", got it in Audio Format as well, downloaded it to my iPod and now I listen to it whenever I need a "refresher" or reminder...

I remember to "LAUGH" at that inner voice when it comes up to beat myself down or when I get angry at myself... it happens a lot!

I now live in Bogotá, Colombia and have purchased the book in Spanish and gave it to a friend who is a counselor here in the LGBT community. He loves it and said last night that it will TRANSFORM his PRACTICE!

And a good friend who lives in Poland, who has a lifelong chronic illness bought the book upon my recommendation and said it TRANSFORMED her life...

Krista, thank you for all of your programs. I look forward to each one EVERY WEEK!

Peace to you, your family, your staff and to the WORLD!