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A couple of months after reading Eckhart Tolle's books I decided to really put these teachings into practice by quitting smoking. I had smoked for over 30 years and had tried to quit a number of times. At first I used a drug to help me quit but then went of it completely after a month. It's been 5 months now, the longest I've ever gone without a cigarette and I hope to continue being smoke free. This has been one of the hardest things I've ever voluntarily put myself through and I NEVER EVER want to repeat the first 3 months of it again. However, I credit the success I've had with Tolle's teachings. I've stayed present for much of the pain of these 5 months. I've come face to face with the seething rage, more times than I realized I would, that was one of the emotions of the pain body that smoking has masked for me. There were times when I just sat with the anger or the sadness, not judging it, not putting a story to it, just sitting with it and allowing it to be and sometimes it would get bigger but always it got smaller. A number of times this exercise would exhaust me physically however, I would always feel some kind of opening that allowed me to feel the freedom of diminishing the long held pain. I am by no means free of all my pain; I still lose my state of present moment awareness on a daily basis; I continue to get caught in the web of my own pain body but now a space has opened that wasn't there before. This gives me hope and inspires me to continue putting forth the effort of staying present in the now.