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Eckhart Tolle's teachings re-emphasize what I have learned from a progression of self-learning experiences starting with a 12 Step Program about 30 years ago. Letting Go and trusting something other than myself evolved into an exploration of the body-mind where all information pertaining to self resides. Learning how to focus via the Focusing technique into my body's awareness and messages evolved
into deep tissue work and ultimately the combination of both with Integrated Awareness teachings/workshops. Also, calming my mind and body via meditation and Buddhist teachings. Integrated Awareness work is a profound revelation of static body energy surrounding trauma, known and unknown to the mind. When this stress is released and understood a fuller "relationship with the present moment" is actualized. I am so glad to have heard your program this morning and
for the opportunity to listen to Mr. Tolle speak via your web site.
Integrated Awareness can to located on the web. Barrett Lansing is the founder/teacher.
One becomes a teacher for others without having to do anything! The shift in energy becomes a strong 'power of example'
In the later years of my nursing career I explored Holistic Medicine, Therapeutic Touch,& Alternative Medicine. In retirement I turned to art and focused on abstract painting which became another
meditative process and joy.
In the writings of James Hillman I accepted his vision of the Soul
throwing out an image for one to follow. Sometimes it may be an image or a 'knowing' to make a change, or explore an idea. I am aware of the times I have been 'led'; which I believe is not intellectual but an inspirational event that can happen due to living in the now and in my body's felt sense.