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This was a very thoughtful and moving interview. Needleman calls for something that may well be beyond our national means; THINKING together. Not in coarse political action, but real political thinking; reasoning. However, it seems most odd that throughout this entire discourse on our unique national political experiment, not once does either the author or the host breathe the word which embodies and mythologizes the experiment they so earnestly yearn to analyze, the word ‘Republic’. Where, in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution will you find the word Democracy? Nowhere. Try saying the Pledge of Allegiance and pause when you get to the word. Why didn’t it say Democracy? What so inspired the Continental Congress to deliberately and decidedly avoid constituting this national experiment as a Democracy? And how is it, that over countless decades without really thinking about it, our national collective mind blatantly and unwaveringly makes the most ignorant of political assumptions, that “We are a Democracy”? If we actually THINK about it and not robotic-ally pay lip-service to what has become the current collective illusion, the answer that has been standing there before us for the last 235 years may magically re-appear before our eyes. We are not a Democracy. We are a Republic. As it is said, don’t compare apples to oranges.