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In a series of speeches at Stanford University called "Who is Man" Heschel stated that a Man can say "I am commanded therefore I am." At one point in my life, this question of commandedness became critical to me and I explored its meaning, and frankly, have never stopped exploring it. After stumbling across that small book, I read all of Heschel that there was in English and worked at Torah Mi Sinai" in its Hebrew. Heschel's thoughts and actions have been and continue to be influential in my life and work as a Jewish educator, and as a human being in this world. He was one major chapter of my dissertation on educating for religious experience; he is my model in my own interreligious work, and he is a source of inspiration as I struggle to make my life and my corner of the world one in which wonder and amazement never gives in to despair.

Thank you for the program with Arnold Eisen, it woke me up today in a very special and important way.