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I was listening to "Speaking of Faith: Rabbi Heschel" and one thing that caught my attention was "Some are guilty but all are responsible." I think many, many of us are guilty. I have been opposed to the production of nuclear weapons, land mines, cluster bombs, military intervention into Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. but I always felt such a contradiction because my tax dollars paid for these weapons to be built. My tax dollars pay for our young to go to war. Though I did not build the weapons and I did not draft or send soldiers to foreign wars, I paid for it. I have marched and stood at vigils and periodically have gone to jail, but then I hand over the money. In fact, my life's work has been to confront poverty and try to alleviate the pain of hunger and yet participate in so many ways to keep Capitalism alive and well. It makes one feel split.

Barbara R. Mishler