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I really enjoyed the SOF broadcast on Abraham Joshua Herschel. I really learned a lot of his life and legacy as a Jewish Rabbi and a philosopher. He seemed to have devoted his life to speaking out against the suffering of people weather it was race, war or any other kind of human suffering.

I was intrigued by several of his famous quotes, including “The cure for the sole begins at embarrassment”, “Some are guilty but all are responsible”, and “Words create worlds”. These quotes were all but inspiring to me and they all made perfect sense to me, as soon as I hurd them.

Before listening to this interview I had never herd of Abraham Herschel. I am glad to have finally learned of his philosophy and insights of God. I also thought how he joined forces with other religious groups including Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope Paul the second was a very inspiring. I think it was great that he could break down the barriers of religion and find common ground, so that they could all work towards achieving goals like, ending war and the civil rights movement.

I think we are better off because of his works and teachings.
Thanks for putting on his story