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I have to be honest… before listening to this program I had never heard of Abraham Joshua Heschel. From listening to your broadcast I discovered how important and thought provoking Heschel’s teachings were personally and historically. I am wondering why Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and story was so adamant throughout all of my schooling but his colleague and friend, Heschel, is discussed as a historical/religious figure much less. Many of the quotes and points from Heschel, quoted by Arnold Eisen, were extremely relevant to my own life and I am certain the lives of others. "Some people are guilty but all are responsible," is a great mantra to live with. There is always going to be something more you can do to help the world. I was also quite fond of the piece concerning the irrelevancy of age in matters of opinions and having something to say. Being an adequately young person myself (20) I found profound meaning in Heschel's statement. Great broadcast and I can't wait to learn more from each segment!