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Thank you for sharing the thoughts and ideas of Rabbi Heschel. I recall hearing his name mentioned when I was a college student as a great religious and philosphical thinker of the 20th Century. A few years ago I received a prayer card when I went on a retreat. It gave a quote from Rabbi Heschel that continues to speak to me. The quote says "All things have a home: the bee has a hive, the bird a nest. For the soul, the home is where prayer is, and a soul without prayer is a soul without a home.
Continuity, permanence, intimacy, authenticity and earnestness are its attributes.
I enter this home as a supplicant and emerge as a witness, I enter as a stranger and emerge as next of kin. I may enter spiritually shapeless inwardly disfigured and emerge wholly changed."
I look forward to listening to the program again and exploring the other resources available on the show website to explore the thought and ideas of this fascinating figure.