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First of all I would like to thank Krista and the SOF team for sharing Joshua Abraham Heschel life with me on the program that aired December 3rd. I was so moved by the story of his life. In only 53 minutes, the duration on your program, you were able to convey that this was a man that had a personal relationship with God. His relationship was not limited by the confines of "religon," which was so refreshing to hear from a conservative Rabbi from Poland. I was really shocked to witness how moved I was while listening about his life and his life's work. I felt a true sadness that he is gone and wished that I could have know him personally. It was so interesting to me that he understood his purpose in life by reading about the prophets in the bible/Torah. He learned what we should all learn; we are somehow like a relection of God. We all share an individual responsibility to design our lives to be truly meaningful. Heshel was courageous to step up and truly live his life as a God centered person and to work with others to eliminate pain and suffering. Imagine if we could all have this same courage and connect with our spiritual essence, we could design really beauitful lives. Thank you again for such menaingful pregramming. Bobbi de Winter