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On the prophets quote, "Some are guilty all are responsible..." (or something along that line) brought out some old struggles that are still with me...

When we place on the mythical others all of our guilt
we have a shaky floor upon which our morals are built
Responsibility is shared, said an old modern day prophet,
by all of the national and local community lest we forget

Forty-three years and a day ago I waked in a combat zone
with hundreds of others to strive for 364 more of our days
Without much identity formed, of a sudden we were grown
and quickly many forgot how to be joyful and how to play

We and we alone were responsible, us crazy Vietnam vets,
we didn’t need protection by NRA, Uncle Sam issued us a gun
Who is responsible for all that death and for us coming undone?
God has stepped up and holds us in a holy hand without any regret