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It's at the point where pluralism and hate interface that we'll find the true nature of Heschel's beliefs. Was he, at his core, a Jewish heretic, or was there something more authentically Jewish?

In her interview Krista highlighted Heschel's pluralism. What I'd like to hear is how Heschel dealt with the haters, specifically those who rejected the right for the State of Israel to exist, and who worked feverishly to exterminate it and all its Jewish citizens.

Eisen notes that at the Passover seder Jews open their doors to invite the world in. What he left out is that at the very same time Jews ask God to totally wipe out the haters.

Eisen's Conservative movement has strongly moved away from a Judaism based on a God-given Torah towards the Reform's world that's devoid of God's law. What would Heschel have thought about that?