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Arnold Eisen and Krista Tippett do a great job in portraying the teachings of Abraham Joshua Heschel in this podcast, and I find the words of Heschel quite compelling to say the least. Being I am a young adult in the current generation, I admire what Heschel said about the youth, and the part that we play in this world. He says that we do make a difference, and at times we are confronted with many forms of restriction from authority. I feel like the current generation has some sort of responsibility; an obligation to change the status quo. We have been blessed with the privilege to access internet to spread our word, and to gain a following with our ideas, and our insight, so I believe it is our duty to make something happen, whether it be big or small.

Heschel was right, we do have many restrictions, and previous generations have felt the need to stay inside the lines, and not to stray too far away from the 'norm,' but I see us kids taking a different route than what was once handed to us. I see this generation taking the power from the top, and moving the power in the hands of those who desire it, the ones who deserve it. Not the ones who can purchase it. Heschel could see how other people had the same dedication to their spirituality as himself, and we can too do the same with any aspect in life. We just need to understand that the only way to come together is to be open with one another, and then we can finally work all as a team, and once a team has been put together we can succeed with whatever human affair we find necessary to speak about. And that is what I feel Heschel meant by his quote "Treat your life like a work of art." Art takes time, it is a process filled with different parts, different colors, and different techniques. In the end we do not see the process, only the artwork itself. Therefore, it is not where you are, but more so where we will end up.