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This broadcast particularly spoke to me as I have come from a background of mixed religious ideologies that my parents blended and integrated into my upbringing. I think Ms. Sasso’s ideas about children and their existential pondering were both very interesting and insightful. I believe as parents, it is most important to encourage children to think freely and to have stimulating conversations about spirituality that are not confining or stressful, but encourage intellectual growth and ability. We must teach our children to nurture their spiritual lives as well as their daily lives.

I agree that children are capable of encountering spiritual experiences that merit some sort of language or means of communication that can be encouraged by parents. Religious rites and rituals can be used to express those spiritual ideas. Like Ms. Sasso, I believe it is the ideas and spirituality behind religious rites that are most important to pass onto children.

I think the most important thing in guiding your children’s spirituality is allowing tolerance and teaching your children the spirituality aspect of religion. An important aspect of this is allowing your children to choose a religion that best fits them, as Ms. Sasso points out, “We find a home. I mean, it's wonderful that there are so many different expressions of spirituality. It's just that we need to find the home that fits for us.”