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I found this interview with Rabbi Sasso very interesting and comforting because I have struggled for a long time with the idea of faith and religion and I have yet to find an ideology that is "right" for me. Because of this, I did not raise my children with any sort of religious background and I have often felt guilt and remorse about that.

Rabbi Sasso explains that most people, upon having a child, feel they should have all the answers to the religious questions that they ask, such as "Where does God live?" and "Why do people hurt each other?" and "Where do people go when they die?" It was comforting to me that there are other parents out there that also struggle to answer these questions. Rabbi Sasso says that these questions are "the essence of spirituality" and that is is okay that we don't have the answers.

More important than the answers, Rabbi Sasso asserts that it is the discussion or the conversation about religion that will provide the basis for a childs religion. I guess I have done something right, then, since my children and I do regularly discuss these topics. It has been particularly gratifying to me to see both of them exploring and trying different religions with their friends and then discussing with them what they like or don't agree with. And THEY are helping ME to find my way as well -- isn't that wonderful?