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Wow! awesome program this morning on Spiritual Parenting. There were things said by the rabbi Rabbi Sandy Sasso that moved me to consider other ways and places of presenting my stories. Her point of parents being a descendant and an ancestor was particularly interesting to me because I always think of being a descendant. Being an ancestor sums up legacy and responsibility whether I want to or not to my children and my grandchildren. Traditions are important. I always speak of the traditions of my ancestors not realizing that those things which were important to me as a child with my parents was family day every Wednesday. We did things together. Bless you for getting me to think again with this show this morning. The conversation got me to Think on how I can use my story telling as an ancestor. Once you become a parent you become an ancestor. On what and how I can share my spirit my love for my history, ancestors any my decedents. It should be a continuing thread that is clear, spiritual and encouraging no matter how bad some of the experiences were for them, me, or what those who come after me may face. My parents did not claim any religion, but made all of us go to church every Sunday. My children all know that there is a God and they are very familiar with various religions. They are struggling to find their spiritual expression and my prayer is that they learn to do it with love for all people and respect for all religions and their evolution as they too as individuals evolve. This program helped me to be comfortable with their struggle and help me to be focused on my journey without excuse and be happy to share it with others in that light. Looking at religion as a language is a unique view as well. I missed where to find that meditation piece. You said that there was a meditation that your listeners could hear. Can you help me find it? God bless you. Continue your inspiration on the air waves. Today’s’ me ssage filled a void that I did not even know was there. Thank you for plugging a hole that is now ready for healing. Thank you for plugging a hole that is now ready for healing. Joy