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Greetings from a local listener (and occasional MPR/PRI performer)-- I just caught a bit of the interview with Rabbi Sasso. In the midst of it, I was startled to hear Bobby McFerrin's version of the Bach/Saint-Saens AVE MARIA-- a lovely rendition of that beautiful piece, of course, but (to my mind) rather a perverse choice to include in an interview with a rabbi! I don't think of Jews, even the most liberal sort, as praying the "Hail Mary." ;-) The more I thought about it, the more angles I came up with... 1. Hyper-ecumenical rabbi likes to use sacred music of different religions 2. Someone at SOF loves that music, and thought it was universally prayerful 3. Someone at SOF loves that music, and thought it would make an ironic statement to include it in an interview with a rabbi 4. Someone at SOF has no idea what "Ave Maria" means, but thought it would be pleasantly contemplative at that point 5. Rabbi Sasso may have expressed a personal lov e of that particular setting of the Ave Maria, and spoken of it in a part of the interview which missed 6. Someone at SOF was wondering if anyone actually listens to the musical interludes, and used an Ave Maria in a rabbi's interview as a test. Whatever it was, it definitely caught my ear! I love the piece and his rendition, but would never have selected it for that interview. Then again, I'm an ex-Catholic. ;-) Regards, Maria Jette Excelsior MN