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This discussion between Krista and Rabbi Sasso I found to be very interesting. As a mother of three this is an issue I have thought about on numerous occasions. Being raised in a strict Catholic household, I was not sure that I wanted my children to be raised in the same fashion. I thought I would want them to find their own path so that they may embrace their choice more enthusiastically than I have. I have yet to figure out if I have made the correct decision. I have always taught them the basics of God and the Christian faith, but without the structure of church. I read them stories from a children's Bible and try to answer any questions they have the best that I can. In that sense I found what Rabbi Sasso was talking about to be somewhat validating. I try to be as open as I can, but on some level I do wish sometimes that they had the solid foundation of religious teachings that I did as a child.
One of my favorite quotes from the interview is when Rabbi Sasso stated that "children remind us of what is true and what is most important in life". I find that statement in particular to resonate with me. There is so much our children can teach us about the world, sometimes more than we can teach them. To see the world through the eyes of a child is one of the greatest gifts we as parents have. I believe that children have a natural openness to spirituality because they are so innocent and not yet affected by the experiences of adulthood. I just hope that sharing what I know and being open to their inquiries about "the big questions" is enough to keep them continuing on their own spiritual journey.