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Shia and Sunni debate has been going on for many years, but in the last four to six years it has increased in the Middle East. Shia’s have been opperessed since their start after Prophet Mohammads death. The Shia followers were killed and opperesed during the Ummayad and Abasiad dynasties. Many decades after they were gone, they became opperessed in Iraq, in Bahrian, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Even though In Iraq the majority of Muslims are Shia’s for many years during Saddam’s regime, they were opperesed and killed. They were not allowed in the government and were not allowed to practice their rituals. In the rest of the countries, it is the same story for the Shia’s, no freedom and no rights. But now after many years of being opperesed the Iraqi government is being ran by the majority, Shias. The Shias are running the Iraqi governement side by side with Sunnis. Maybe this would be just the first step for the Shias and that other countries such as Bahrian, and Saudi Arabia, would then give their Shia’s the freedom to praticipate in their countries affairs.