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Wow- that was a mind blower about the empty journals.Immediately-I thought it was an expression of angeror contempt;or something like -this is nothing,i'm nothing-my life as a practicing mormon-was a lie-;i believe in nothing. Or anger that -this unfilled,empty journal is like my life -unfilled and empty..i asked my daughter and she said it means that-i have no secrets from you-what you saw was what i was-no more-no less-remember me as i was was alive to you.Was it just an expression of anger that she was dying-and that anger truned to contempt -at life and everyone round her?I asked a friend and he said that we have to answer some questions to try to make sense of this strange story-like was she senile, what kind of relationship did the mother and daughter have ,were they close, did the mother know her daughter was into writing and this could be an inspiration to write?was the mother into mysteries,jokes? .Also why three journals -not one. Are there 3 members of the immediate family? -why 3? Also did the mother bind those journals herself with cloth-if so did the daughter check to see if anything is inside the binding?