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I heard the rebroadcast of "The Vitality of the Struggle" on July 22, 2012. I was struck by several things at once: the original date of broadcast (right after the Tucson shootings of 2011), the resonance of that interview two days after the 2012 Aurora shootings, and so many of my own memories of the West (I have family and ancestral history in Utah). These things became pieces of the frame around a rare window into real human experience -- formidably vast, formidably intimate, and courageous beyond ideologies. I am awestruck in the old, mystical sense. And though I have written journals for many years, and have been given blank journals by friends and family who honored that activity in that way, I am just as struck by that legacy of blank journals, giving yet-unasked loved questions the gift of a place to live. My thanks to both of you for this.