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An empty journal is the ultimate book of verse. If you need help, view an Agnus Martin painting and go from there. If I had a poet daughter like Terry, I would think the blank page would be perfect. All people evolve to symbols after their death. And those symbols spring from our imagination. I think that mother understood her little girl in ways that might surprise the poet daughter. Isn't that beautiful!

What was of interest to me was the title - "The Vitality of the Struggle." Those words hold dissonance and dissonance is the stuff of poetry. Terry appears to be aware of her own dissonance. One who can experience a Whitmanesque wonder of nature and then write an acrid op-ed must know dissonance...and wonder. Most of us, in fact, live that way. Terry is different only in that she is aware and vital to her struggle. I agree with you Krista. It is the poetry of her language that captivates me.