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i listen to On Being. this was the next show. i listened. and i listened because it was good.
Terry Tempest Williams and i share some life themes... mother's journals; the reconciliation of ideology and inner essence with family tradition, decisions and choices; "ecological, biological literacy" (the loss of naming and/or recognizing gifts of nature - birds' songs, trees' names, the significance of rituals in seasons and cycles); and the sense of unbalance in, for example, nuclear testing and land warfare.
and i appreciate, very much, her geographic identity.
i was born in the south and spent a lot of time in the northeast and abroad. i had never been to the u.s. midwest until a few years ago. i was there acting in a movie. our wrap dinner was in this incredible restaurant with a full menu of...100% pure beef. at some point during the dinner i was compelled to stand and salute the fine midwestern people. without too much thought, i tapped my glass for their attention and raised my glass...
"you beautiful people! i've never been to the midwest and i thank you all for your kindness, for your hospitality. i must say, in the rest of the u.s., you are given a bad rap. and i just want to say i know now it is a lie. and i feel i have to tell you, dear midwesterners, the reputation spread does resemble that of the iraqi people."
and then a hush came over the restaurant.
well, after listening to Krista's interview with Terry Tempest Williams, i realize i was not far off mark... land war, large-scale marijuana crops, nuclear testing, oil and gas pipelines... not too far off mark.