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Having lived & worked in Utah for 4 years in the early 90s (a non-Mormon) I had the great pleasure of meeting Terry back then and still have her signed copy of Refuge. Regarding her mother's empty journals... it is clear to me that her mother felt she had no voice in her lifetime. In leaving the journals to Terry, she was encouraging her to continue speaking out and perhaps hoping she would expose an entire culture of Mormon women never allowed to think or speak for themselves - or perhaps not strong enough to realize they did not need permission from their husbands or their church to do so. I found Utah to be an extraordinarily beautiful place - I was essentially recruited to move there from New England specifically to work in the arts. It was a painful and consistent battle being an outspoken, educated New England woman in Utah. Initially, I received a warm welcome, however, the more inclusive inroads I made through my work - the more I was forced out so that my position could revert back to its Mormon-based mindset. I applaud Terry's work. She has learned from childhood how to make a difference - in a way that is not threatening to the Mormon culture - an outsider such as I never had a chance for longevity there!