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Being a naturalist/metaphysician myself, I enjoyed the dialogue for today's show. I found myself puttering around the kitchen as I do on Sundays, putting things in the kitchen compost bin, tidying up and missing family interactions (I am in Georgia and they are all in California). Yes, there is a growing sense of community which is vital and so heart-warming.

Then I remembered that when my son was in the 4th grade, I was asked to turn the story of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes into a play, which they performed, with music I helped them compose. The class had read the story and wanted to perform it for the school during the winter holiday season. I was touched by the connection they felt. Their teacher was very creative and willing to bring stories of substance to the children.

But what really hit me was her mother's blank journals. Listening to the interview, I was pleased to hear there was somewhere I could share my voice. It struck me so clearly that her legacy to her dauther was- "You fill the journals.... give your voice expression, for I did not." My mother also died of cancer and left not only blank journals, but many blank canvases and notes jotted down about books she would someday write. She never did.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.