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While listening to Terry Tempest "The Vitality of the Struggle" in conversation with Krista Tippett link mosaics, small pieces placed carefully, and healing I was quietly relieved and heard that solid "yes" in my mind. Following 9-11 I created a community based, public made-public art project. Our mission is to give groups of non-artists a hands-on art experience expressing their thoughts about community health and ethics. We call this "La Familia de la Blue Sky: The Blue Sky Project"(

In Long Prairie Minnesota there was a drug related triple homicide in 2004. Very sensational, chilling, numbing. That central Minnesota town populaton 2000 collectively made three functional sculptures, two 12 foot planters and a 26 foot long sitting bench, each depicting time, past present and future. Sentence to Serve volunteers helped pour the concrete, new Hispanic immigrants,disabled adults, confirmation classes, senior citizens, and others collectively built the mosaic. We made handmade tiles following discussions about the crime, our grief and loss, healing, hopes and dreams.

I want to invite your producers to learn more about how a town made beauty out of tragedy. In July 2010 published a story about the Blue Sky Project in Harmony Park, Long Prairie. I would be happy to tell you about the seven other Blue Sky Projects. Thank you for helping us connect with Faith and Being.

Claire Witt