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At the end, when you asked for people's ideas regarding the blank journals, actually even before that when the journals were just mentioned, my whole being was screaming "FILL THEM."

I'm not sure why Terry's mother made such a thing of leaving them to her and of Terry waiting until after mother was gone to look in them. One thing seems clear, that mother didn't want to answer any questions about them. Maybe she was embarrassed. Maybe she thought she had nothing worthwhile to say. But I think that she called attention to them perhaps as a way of telling Terry that her mother believed that her daughter had something worthwhile and important to say.

Almost three and a half years ago, when I just starting into my second divorce, I started keeping a Beautiful Things book. It's a short entry I make every night about one positive thing that happened that day. Sometimes it's something I did or something that I felt or saw or thought. It helps me keep a positive focus and I will be able to leave that as a legacy to those I love.